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8 Causes to Cease Counting Energy

When you’ve ever tried to shed some pounds by counting energy, then you definitely’ve probably found the frustration that comes with it. Calorie counting can rapidly turn into a full-time job whereas offering no long-term outcomes—you may’t out-calorie poor diet! Most individuals start a eating regimen based mostly on calorie restriction as a result of they want to see instant outcomes. Nonetheless, in case your purpose is to enhance total well being in addition to attain and keep a wholesome weight, focusing solely on numbers just isn’t going to provide the greatest consequence in the long term. This weblog submit will discover why calorie counting just isn’t a solution to sustainable long-term weight reduction. We’ll focus on why non-calorie counting approaches are more practical than calorie counting for sustainable weight reduction and how one can focus as a substitute on meals high quality and life-style practices for lasting well being advantages.


Motive 1: Calorie counting is inaccurate


With regards to itemizing energy, diet labels are legally allowed to be as much as 20% inaccurate. I’ve personally seen meals labels which can be 50% inaccurate. Which means that for those who’re making an attempt to shed some pounds by counting energy, you may be approach off track.

Not solely is calorie counting inaccurate, but it surely’s additionally ineffective for long-term weight reduction. Research have proven time and time once more that individuals who deal with maintaining a healthy diet meals and sustaining a wholesome life-style are extra profitable at holding the load off in the long term than those that rely energy.

So, for those who’re trying to shed some pounds and hold it off, deal with maintaining a healthy diet meals and being lively. And overlook about calorie counting!


Motive 2: Not all energy consumed are equal


Not all energy are created equal on the subject of dropping pounds. Calorie absorption from numerous meals sources could make or break your weight reduction journey. Liquids, resembling juice and mushy drinks, are extra simply absorbed by the physique than strong meals. Equally, processed meals will be damaged down and absorbed quicker than unprocessed meals. Which means that even when two individuals devour the identical variety of energy per day, one could lose extra weight than the opposite just because their energy have been consumed in a special kind. Because of this, as a substitute of counting energy, it’s best to pay shut consideration to the kind of meals you eat.


Motive 3: Carbohydrate, protein, and fats energy are all totally different


With regards to weight reduction, protein is king. Research have proven that consuming a better protein eating regimen will help you shed some pounds and hold it off. Protein meals transfer extra slowly from the abdomen to the gut, which implies you’re feeling full for longer and are much less more likely to get hungry afterward. As well as, its impact on blood sugar prevents the sharp blood sugar dips that may make you hungry. Blood sugar dips typically happen after consuming quickly digested carbohydrates (see Motive 2). Lastly, the physique makes use of extra energy to digest protein than it does to digest fats or carbohydrates. So not solely will a better protein eating regimen allow you to shed some pounds, however it should additionally allow you to burn extra energy.


Motive 4: The intestine microbiome


The intestine microbiome is extremely vital for total well being and well-being, taking part in a task in every part from metabolism and weight reduction to temper stability and psychological readability. The intestine microbiome is made up of trillions of tiny organisms, together with micro organism, viruses, fungi, and different microorganisms. These microorganisms dwell within the digestive tract and assist break down meals, soak up vitamins, produce nutritional vitamins, defend in opposition to pathogens, and even affect our immune programs. 

With regards to metabolism and weight reduction particularly, some sorts of organisms within the intestine are in a position to break down and use extra energy from sure meals than different sorts of organisms. For instance, bacterial species like bifidobacteria can break down advanced carbohydrates resembling fibre extra effectively than different bacterial species, permitting them to extract extra vitality from the meals we eat. This may end up in a higher variety of energy burned by your physique every day – resulting in an improved metabolic charge and probably aiding in weight reduction efforts. 

Probiotics are additionally believed to be useful for weight reduction as they comprise useful micro organism which will promote wholesome digestion. Probiotics have been proven to cut back ranges of sure hormones associated to starvation, which might result in fewer cravings whereas on a eating regimen plan. Moreover, probiotics have been discovered to cut back irritation, which can be linked to weight problems or extra physique fats storage. Irritation is believed to impair the operate of hormones that regulate urge for food in addition to insulin sensitivity – each vital elements when making an attempt to shed some pounds.


Motive 5: Metabolism


Metabolism is the method by which our our bodies convert meals into vitality, and ever since scientists started to check it, they’ve come to know that this course of is extremely individualised. Everybody has totally different genes and metabolic charges, that means that two individuals consuming the identical quantity of energy can find yourself with vastly totally different outcomes. Moreover, our our bodies even have one thing referred to as a “set level” – primarily a super weight vary at which we really feel most snug. Subsequently, even when two individuals do eat the identical quantity of energy and their metabolic charges are comparable, one individual is perhaps aiming for a set level that’s increased than the others. All of those elements taken collectively make calorie counting unreliable on the subject of precisely predict how a lot weight somebody will lose – or achieve. In the end, everybody is exclusive by way of metabolism and set level, making it troublesome to precisely observe progress by calorie counting alone.


Motive 6: Thermic Impact of Meals


The thermic impact of meals (TEF) is the vitality required to digest, soak up, and metabolise the vitamins in your meals. Completely different meals have totally different TEFs and this may have an effect on how a lot of these vitamins are absorbed into your physique. Protein has a better TEF than carbohydrates or fats, that means that extra vitality is required in your physique to digest and course of protein than different macronutrients. This may imply that fewer energy are literally absorbed into your physique after consuming protein-rich meals in comparison with carbohydrate-heavy meals or high-fat snacks. Subsequently, slightly than counting energy, one ought to focus extra on the kind of macronutrients in an effort to be sure that their physique is getting probably the most profit from every meal.


Motive 7: Restricted Social Life


When individuals deal with counting energy to shed some pounds, it typically impacts their social lives in a number of methods. Firstly, calorie counting includes a whole lot of pre-planning. Consuming out or attending sure occasions can turn into troublesome, as it’s onerous to know precisely what number of energy are in a particular dish. This may result in individuals avoiding social actions that contain meals, or they might discover themselves feeling disadvantaged and sad after they do partake in them.

As well as, calorie counting will be isolating as a result of it requires dedication and self-discipline. Family and friends could not perceive why somebody is so targeted on monitoring their meals. This may result in strained relationships and emotions of guilt or disgrace when an individual wants to show down social invites in an effort to keep inside their calorie limits.

Lastly, the deal with counting energy can take away from the enjoyment of consuming. Individuals could lose sight of why they initially needed to shed some pounds, which was probably for well being or self-image. They could really feel constrained by their calorie targets and ashamed in the event that they stray, slightly than concentrating on the pleasure of consuming healthful meals.


Motive 8: Calorie counting just isn’t a sustainable lifestyle


Calorie counting is usually a troublesome behavior to keep up over time. It requires strict self-discipline and a whole lot of effort to trace every part you eat. Even for those who handle to make it work for a number of weeks or months, finally the willpower to remain disciplined will run out and also you’ll end up again the place you began – feeling like a failure for not having the ability to stick together with your plan. That is why calorie counting isn’t a sustainable lifestyle; it’s too onerous to maintain in the long run with out turning into overwhelmed by the method.

Moreover, calorie counting can typically result in restrictive consuming, which might trigger psychological misery, guilt, and emotions of deprivation. On this approach, it might probably turn into an emotional burden that retains individuals away from making lasting life-style adjustments.




It is vital to do not forget that energy are vital, and sure, extra energy expended than consumed, i.e. being in a calorie deficit, will end in weight reduction. Nonetheless, energy alone just isn’t the one issue  – there are quite a few dietary parts at play when contemplating diet resembling macronutrients (i.e., fat, carbohydrates, and proteins), micronutrients (nutritional vitamins and minerals) in addition to different life-style elements resembling sleep patterns and exercise ranges that each one affect our well being outcomes. For these causes, specializing in eating regimen high quality slightly than amount is probably going the perfect strategy for attaining lasting weight reduction leads to the long term.

All that mentioned, on the subject of making a dietary influence in your life, calorie counting just isn’t the reply. Analysis has more and more proven us that there are way more efficient strategies of consuming and weight administration than counting energy. Bearing in mind the variations in calorie varieties and their results, metabolism, and the thermic impact of meals, in addition to our ever-evolving intestine microbiome, it may be troublesome to correctly account for energy anyway. Moreover, burning vitality in your physique goes far past what’s listed on a diet label. And eventually, when individuals focus solely on counting energy to shed some pounds, it might probably have a destructive influence on their social lives. Following a special strategy to well being by aware consuming and life-style adjustments as a substitute of calorie counting is more likely to lead to a extra sustainable approach of dropping pounds.

Now that you already know these eight explanation why counting energy is not the simplest path to attaining your well being and weight reduction targets, do not hesitate to succeed in out for assist from specialists who specialise on this space. You possibly can simply ebook a free discovery name with a dietitian and remodel your weight reduction and well being journey!


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