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Rice — a gorgeous nutrient-dense grain that’s scrumptious, straightforward to prepare dinner, and a staple meals all over the world. Relying on their tradition, folks have rice of their meals all through the day. 

Nevertheless, there was a lot debate in regards to the results of white rice in your well being. Brown rice has emerged as a strong competitor to white rice over the past couple of a long time. The comparability has been particularly complicated for folk attempting to drop some weight. 

Apart from brown and white, rice is available in numerous shapes, colours, and sizes, which embrace arborio rice, basmati rice, black rice, bomba rice, jasmine rice, and parboiled rice. Nevertheless, for the scope of this text, we are going to stick with white and brown rice. 

Apparently, all white rice begins as brown rice. Brown rice is put by way of a milling course of to extend its shelf life; nevertheless, the method removes the rice’s husk, bran, and germ, wiping out a lot of its diet, together with fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. The white rice is then artificially fortified with vitamins and polished to make them look extra palatable.

The Rice Dilemma

Perfect Long White Rice

If you’re a health fanatic, you in all probability know that rice is a staple in a bodybuilder’s food plan, as it’s a handy carbohydrate supply so as to add measurement through the bulking section. Figuring out this, dieters attempting to drop some weight sound the alarm after they see rice of their food plan routine. 

Unbeknownst to beginner exercisers, so long as the meals you eat are nutrient-dense and wholesome and also you keep inside your each day calorie consumption purpose, you don’t want to fret about consuming a specific meals. 

This doesn’t finish right here. How rice is processed additionally determines its impression in your weight reduction journey. Brown rice is minimally processed, whereas, relying on the model and kind, white rice can endure vital remedy. 

With this stated, can white rice be used throughout your weight reduction journey? Let’s discover out. 

White Rice and Brown Rice Diet Comparability

One can not overlook the white and brown rice comparability throughout a weight reduction routine. Given beneath is a comparability of brown and white rice and their macronutrient and calorie content material:

Nutrient/Kind White Rice (100g) Brown Rice (100g)
Energy (Kcal) 130 111
Carbohydrates (g) 28 23
Protein (g) 2.7 2.6
Fat (g) 0.3 0.9

Though the distinction between brown and white rice’s whole energy and macronutrients is insignificant, their general well being impression varies vastly. 

A British Medical Journal research discovered that individuals who eat excessive ranges of white rice could have an elevated danger of growing sort 2 diabetes. On the flip aspect, consuming whole-grain meals similar to brown rice decrease the danger of stroke, coronary heart illness, and kind 2 diabetes. These meals sources additionally assist decrease your levels of cholesterol. [1]

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Brown and White Rice Glycemic Index (GI) Comparability

Cooked Brown And White Rice

The glycemic index represents the relative rise within the blood glucose stage two hours after consuming a carbohydrate-containing meals. A meals is assigned a worth of 1-100 relying on its impression on blood sugar ranges. [2]

Individuals with diabetes should monitor their carbohydrate consumption and the GI rating of the meals they devour to make sure they’re on prime of their well being, as these elements can affect your blood sugar ranges. 

Brief-grain white rice has a excessive GI (70 and above), whereas brown rice has a low GI (round 50). Keep in mind, the GI stage can change relying on the kind of rice and the producer. 

Of us with diabetes ought to favor brown rice over white rice to maintain their situation underneath verify. Keep in mind, complete grains similar to brown rice take longer to prepare dinner than white rice. Plus, overcooking them can hamper their GI rating. 

Since white rice is a excessive GI good, it quickly dissolves into your bloodstream. White rice consumption results in a fast improve in blood sugar ranges. It may be some extent of concern throughout a weight reduction routine, because it can lead to elevated starvation and potential overeating. Plus, research present that diets excessive in refined grains are linked to extra stomach fats. [3]

Advantages of White Rice for Weight Loss

Some great benefits of together with white rice in your weight reduction food plan embrace the next:


White rice is wealthy in carbohydrates. A 100 grams serving of white rice accommodates 28 grams of carbohydrates, in comparison with 23 grams of brown rice. White rice can contribute to the sensation of fullness, particularly when coupled with a balanced food plan that accommodates a wholesome mixture of high-protein meals and wholesome fat. Feeling full retains you from snacking on junk meals all through the day. 


White rice is an extremely versatile meals supply. You may have it at any level all through the day. Moreover, it goes nicely with a number of dishes as a aspect. Relying in your each day calorie objectives, you can simply alter your white rice portion measurement.

Since cooked rice lasts about 4 days within the fridge, most individuals desire cooking it in bulk, making it extremely handy. This comfort additionally makes your meal prep simpler and helps you stick with your food plan.

Chicken Tikka With White Rice

Fast Supply of Vitality

Since white rice is a high-GI meals, they digest rapidly and simply in your abdomen. The quick absorbability of rice makes it an ideal meals in your pre and post-workout meals. Consuming rice earlier than a coaching session ensures you might have sufficient vitality to final a high-intensity coaching session. 

Having white rice after a exercise assist replenish your glycogen shops and kickstart your restoration. You have to make sure you eat your pre-workout meal with rice not less than a few hours earlier than your coaching session to present it sufficient time to digest and keep away from nausea or vomiting. Alternatively, you’ll be able to have a post-workout meal containing rice half an hour after a exercise or as quickly as you might be able to eat actual meals. Nevertheless, you can gulp down a protein shake proper after your exercise to start muscle protein synthesis and rebuilding muscle. 

Causes To Select White Rice Over Brown Rice For Weight Loss

Till now, now we have mentioned a number of advantages of brown rice, which is often the popular sort of rice for folk attempting to drop some weight. We should, nevertheless, additionally discuss a few of its drawbacks for a good comparability. Listed here are a number of the explanation why some folks may desire white rice over brown rice for weight reduction: 

Brown Rice Comprises Antinutrients

Though brown rice has extra fiber, antioxidants, nutritional vitamins, and minerals than white rice, it additionally accommodates antinutrients. Antinutrients are plant compounds that hinder your physique’s capability to soak up sure vitamins. It means brown rice might need extra of every little thing, however your physique can’t take in it. 

Phytic acid, or phytate, is the antinutrient in brown rice that hinders your physique’s capability to soak up iron and zinc from meals [4][5]. Consuming brown rice in all meals each day can result in mineral deficiencies over the long run. 

Since white rice has no bran, it has lower than half of the phytic acid in brown rice. People coping with iron and zinc deficiencies ought to swap to white rice for weight reduction. 

Germinated Brown Rice

Brown Rice Comprises Arsenic

Arsenic, a naturally occurring substance, is present in air, water, and soil and is understood to trigger most cancers. Brown rice usually has a better content material of the poisonous heavy steel than white rice. [6]

Arsenic is essentially the most vital chemical contaminant in consuming water globally. Since rice is cultivated in water, it positive aspects a excessive quantity of arsenic. Apart from most cancers, extended consumption of arsenic-laden meals can improve your danger of contracting sort 2 diabetes and hypertension. [7]

White rice often has decrease quantities of arsenic than brown rice, because the bran and the germ are eliminated to make white rice. 

Though bran elimination leads to the discount of some vitamins in white rice, it additionally considerably reduces the phytic and arsenic content material of the grain, making it an acceptable meals supply for folks coping with sure well being situations.

Suggestions To Incorporate White Rice Into Your Weight Loss Journey

Though white rice is a high-carbohydrate meals that gives vitality for the physique, the gluten-free meals supply will get robust competitors from brown rice, which has extra fiber, antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral content material than its processed counterpart. 

With that stated, you’ll be able to nonetheless eat white rice for weight reduction. Make the next changes in your food plan to accommodate white rice in your shredding routine:

Embrace Fiber-Wealthy Greens, Lean Proteins, and Wholesome Fat

Since white rice is a processed grain, it lacks fiber, minerals, nutritional vitamins, and antioxidants. You have to embrace a wholesome quantity of greens in your food plan to make up for these micronutrients. Nutrient-dense greens, lean proteins, and wholesome fat will make sure you don’t run into nutrient deficiencies related to a food plan closely reliant on white rice. 

Pairing white rice with greens, protein, and wholesome fat will make your meals extra scrumptious by including selection to your food plan plan. It is going to additionally gradual your metabolism, serving to you keep satiated for longer and selling general well being and weight administration.

Rice With Fried Chicken

Management Portion Sizes

White rice is a calorie-dense meals supply. Within the preliminary section of your weight reduction journey, you will need to rigorously weigh your meals to make sure you aren’t going over your each day carbohydrate consumption objectives, as it will possibly smash your progress. 

Utilizing smaller plates, bowls, and spoons will help curb the danger of overeating. Plus, consuming balanced meals with a stability of carbs, proteins, and fat can fill you up rapidly and hold you satiated for longer. 

Conscious Consuming To Preserve a Calorie Deficit

A caloric deficit for weight reduction. To be in a calorie deficit, you will need to expend extra energy each day than you devour. You may obtain a calorie deficit by consuming lower than regular, exercising extra, or a mix of the 2. 

Overshooting your each day calorie purpose is extremely straightforward whereas consuming carb-rich white rice. You have to rigorously plan your meals to make sure you don’t devour extra energy. Weigh your bodily exercise ranges and metabolic price whereas figuring out a great calorie deficit for weight reduction. 

Steadiness Your Carbohydrate Sources

Since white rice is a processed carbohydrate supply with most of its fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients eliminated, you will need to add different high-quality sources of carbs to your food plan to compensate for the nutrient deficiencies. 

Quinoa, oats, buckwheat, candy potato, and naturally, brown rice are some nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources that needs to be a staple in your meals. Additional, it is best to restrict your white rice consumption to at least one cup each day to restrict your blood sugar stage spikes and guarantee a balanced macro and micronutrient consumption. 

Including a number of carbohydrate sources to your food plan will make your food plan routine extra attention-grabbing by including selection. Additionally, there is no such thing as a hurt in utilizing brown and white rice in your food plan routine collectively. Each varieties of grains have a particular style, which will help make your food plan extra interesting.

Quinoa Porridge With Green Pea

Keep away from Additions

Though now we have already established that every one rice will not be created equal, we should take it a step additional; all white rice will not be the identical. You have to keep away from white rice dishes with additions that considerably improve your caloric consumption. For instance, sushi, fried rice, paella, and risotto are a no-go on a weight reduction program. 

Moreover, you will need to additionally keep away from prompt rice as they’re absolutely cooked after which dehydrated, which results in additional nutrient degradation. Think about buying rice in bulk and cooking sufficient in a single go to final you 4-5 days.

Incessantly Requested Questions

How a lot rice do you have to eat throughout your weight reduction journey?

Greater than half of your each day carbohydrate comes from whole-grain meals, similar to oats, quinoa, whole-grain pasta, and bread. 

You need to restrict your white rice consumption to at least one cup of cooked rice each day to cut back your danger of power well being points. Plus, you will need to go for ‘enriched’ white rice as some vitamins are added again to the sort of rice, making it a greater match in your weight reduction journey. Additionally, select long-grain white rice variants similar to basmati and jasmine over short-grain sorts like arborio rice, as they’re much less starchy. 

Is brown rice finest for weight reduction?

Brown rice accommodates extra fiber, magnesium, selenium, folate, and manganese than white rice, which makes it a greater grain for weight reduction than white rice. Nonetheless, you can additionally use white rice to realize your weight reduction purpose, offered you stick with your calorie deficit and eat a balanced food plan to satisfy your macro and micronutrient aims. 

Can you might have white rice earlier than a exercise?

Since white rice is a processed carbohydrate with a excessive GI worth, it metabolizes into glucose extra rapidly. You may have an acceptable quantity of white rice 2-3 hours earlier than a coaching session to make sure you have sufficient vitality to take you thru an intense exercise. 

Be aware: The content material on Health Volt is for informative functions solely and shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation to diagnose, stop, or deal with well being issues. When you’re affected by a well being subject, are pregnant, or are underneath 18 years previous, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor earlier than beginning any new complement, diet, or health routine.

Wrapping Up

Rice is available in completely different types. The unprocessed types are often brown, beige, and even black in colour. Alternatively, processed rice is white. Though white rice has some drawbacks in comparison with its bran-rich counterpart, similar to its excessive glycemic index, it will possibly nonetheless be included in a wholesome weight-loss food plan when consumed sparsely and paired with nutrient-dense meals like greens, lentils, and wholesome fat. 

Eat white rice earlier than a coaching session to make sure you have sufficient vitality shops to final a exercise. Conversely, having white rice post-workout can ignite your restoration. Keep in mind, since white rice is a processed grain, you will need to restrict your consumption to at least one cup each day to make sure it doesn’t intrude along with your weight reduction goal. 

Lastly, elements, together with general calorie consumption, portion sizes, bodily exercise ranges, and particular person metabolic, play a vital position in your weight reduction journey, and completely different folks react to brown and white rice in a different way. You have to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled or registered dietitian for customized steering on incorporating white rice into your weight reduction program. 


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